08 December 2021

Sex workers deserve to have a safe workplace like any other Victorian worker.

The current registration and licensing system in Victoria as it stands now is harming employees and it has to change.

Sex work is legitimate work and employees deserve a fairer, safer and easier system to navigate during their employment.

Decriminalisation will increase safety for workers and reduce stigma of this profession in the community.

Decriminalisation will lead to better outcomes for sex workers, including easier access to health services, the justice system and Government services.

Sex work is someone’s employment – their livelihood – how they provide for themselves and their loved ones.


Sex work in Melton is occurring already, to pretend that it isn’t is farcical. This Legislation helps regulate and manage sex work that is already occurring under the radar and helps regulate and manage it, something that the Council has been unable to do currently.  

Many of these unregistered venues are occurring right under Councils noses without most people knowing, the difference this Legislation achieves is to be able to regulate the industry and provide safety and protection.

With this Legislation sex workers and clients will not be able to loiter near or within view of places of worship, schools, and other children’s services when children are present.

Every Victorian worker, no matter their industry, has the right to have a safe workplace.

But things we take for granted – like applying for Work Cover after an injury – isn’t a given for many workers in the sex workforce.

To work legally in Victoria, sex workers must navigate a complex and outdated registration and licensing scheme, which many in the workforce find too complex to engage with.

There is significant evidence that “legal” sex work is not always safe and the employment system is not always fair.

It’s why the Government is decriminalising sex work, so that no matter who you work for – yourself, a small employer, or a big employer – you’ll get the same rights as any other worker.

Because every single Victorian deserves to feel safe when they are at work.

This change comes from a nearly two-year process engaging with community groups.

The State Government has committed to ongoing consultation with Local Government.