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Rotary SAFE Families’ was established in 2018 to help stop all forms of family violence by addressing its underlying causes.  It has evolved into a national program with valuable resources and tools including short films, Manual, Toolkit, translated information to assist every Rotarian in every part of Australia to become informed playing their part in Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere.  We promote that family abuse NOT be a "taboo" topic!

Rotary SAFE Families (RSF) is currently working with more than 120 Rotary Clubs in Queensland, Victoria and NSW.

The mission at RSF is for Rotarians to understand and be informed how they can all be part of the solution in the prevention of abuse by sharing SAFE Families powerful messages with their communities and neighbourhoods in Australia.  Not only to women, but to men, children and our elderly. The Inclusive Communities Initiative are reaching out to our new Australians, people who have come to settle in Australia with English as their second language. 

The Guide to Prevention of Family Abuse in Australia has been translated by fantastic volunteers into Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Swahili, Hindi, Mandarin and Greek (so far).  Find copies of the translated materials here: 

Rotary SAFE Families is not about statistics, re-traumatising the person with stories of violence and abuse, and just talking. It is a model of prevention that can be applied to any form of abuse to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The "3R's" - 1. Recognise signs of abuse; 2. Raise your concerns "safely"; 3. Refer the person for support OR Make the call yourself.  Simple, effective and practical.


Their website contains films on Elder Abuse, Child Abuse, Abuse to Men and Domestic Violence and Its Impact on Children and now includes our first Inclusive Prevention of Abuse film in Swahili.  These are all free to download and use as appropriate by anyone.



“My family and friends didn’t think it was ‘that bad’ because he only physically hit me once. But the put-downs and manipulation were so much worse, the way he controlled my life. I really wish my family could have understood how horrible it was.” —Katia 


Download the Guide to prevention of Family Abuse in Australia here: