Students in Victoria’s specialist schools will soon get the help they need to make the most of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding and support available to them, thanks to the Allan Labor Government.

Member for Melton Steve McGhie announced the roll out of the NDIS Navigators program in Melton, which is making sure no local family misses out on extra support it needs.

Families of children living with disability know how challenging it can be to navigate a system that feels like it’s been set up to fail them – so we’re investing $21.2 million to introduce NDIS Navigators into all specialist schools by the end of 2025.

NDIS Navigators will provide direct support to families and carers to help them to navigate the NDIS, including how to access the NDIS, prepare for plan reviews and access the right supports.

More than 30 schools, including Melton Specialist School, now have the funding to hire a NDIS Navigator who will work with families to navigate the NDIS system – and they will be in every one of the state’s 86 specialist schools by the end of 2025

A full list of the schools is available here: NDIS Navigators: Policy |

These latest initiatives add to $3 billion the Victorian Government has already invested in inclusive education, including upgrades to every single specialist school in the state, more support for students in the classroom and facilities so every child gets the chance to play, learn and grow, no matter their needs.

Quote attributable to Member for Melton Steve McGhie

“Families in Melton now have access to extra support thanks to the NDIS Navigators in Melton Specialist School – making sure that students with additional needs can make the most of the services they need.”

“Having this extra assistance in school will make it easier for parents and carers to access resources which will help build on a student’s strengths and abilities and thrive in their education.”

“Our nation-leading delivery of Inclusive Education across the state is about making sure all students get the chance to learn, grow and play in world-class facilities and are able to reach their full potential – no matter their needs.”