Main Street / Grant Street / Gisborne Road (Bacchus Marsh) intersection upgrade

Main Street / Grant Street / Gisborne Road (Bacchus Marsh) intersection upgrade Main Image

23 August 2021

From Regional Roads Victoria


We’re upgrading the existing single lane roundabout at Main Street/Grant Street/Gisborne Road in Bacchus Marsh to traffic lights to improve traffic flow and pedestrian/cyclist safety.


Bacchus Marsh is one of the fastest growing semi-urban areas in Victoria, with a growth rate of 2.1 per cent a year, compared with the general semi-urban growth rate in Victoria of 1.8 per cent a year.

This rapid growth in Bacchus Marsh has brought an increase of residential housing and industry, which, in turn, has seen an increase in the demand placed on the road network in the area. Expansion of the Bacchus Marsh Railway Station and increased frequency of services is placing extra pressure on the intersection.

The intersection of Main Street/Grant Street/Gisborne Road in Bacchus Marsh connects two key arterial roads, which often serve as freight route linking the Western freeways with the Port of Geelong. This intersection has been identified in the Bacchus Marsh Transport Strategy as needing an urgent upgrade. The existing single lane roundabout at Main Street/Grant Street/Gisborne Road is approaching capacity, leading to extensive queuing and traffic delays. This has resulted in increased congestion in the Bacchus Marsh CBD and increases the risk and ability of pedestrians and cyclists to comfortably cross the intersection.

This project is funded through $4.1 million under the under the Victorian Government's Infrastructure Planning and Acceleration Fund and School and Community Safety Program

The upgrade involves replacing the existing single lane roundabout with traffic lights and dual lane approaches and departures.

We’re working with Moorabool Shire Council to understand opportunities and constraints in delivering this upgrade. We’ve also sought information from nearby local businesses to better understand their needs.

Due to the tightly constrained nature of this area, this upgrade will require the removal of eight parking spaces along Grant Street, and 15 parking spaces along Main Street to ensure the upgrade can function safely.

We have given this matter serious consideration and we’ve worked to deliver an additional six spaces to partially offset the loss of existing parks.

We’ll also be removing three trees along Grant Street,  one tree along Main Street and 14 trees along Gisborne Road.

We are undertaking further investigations into the relocation of some trees, where possible. The project will look to include additional vegetation and landscaping to offset the loss of existing vegetation.

As part of this design, the existing bus stop northbound on Gisborne Road will be removed to an on-road stop, and the pedestrian crossing on Gisborne Road will be removed.

We’ll be working closely with council to determine a landscaping approach to compliment of the amenity of the area.

Traffic signals will reduce congestion and ensure that traffic flow is maintained during the busiest times of the day.

This upgrade will also ensure this intersection is prepared to handle increased traffic volumes for the next decade.

Signals also improve safety and amenity for pedestrians crossing the intersection.


We’ll continue to investigate further refinements to this design, and where possible, minimise parking losses and offset these losses with the delivery of additional spaces.

We’ll keep the community posted on this process and any changes.

To prepare for this upgrade, pre-construction activities will be undertaken later in 2021 to relocate water, gas, power and telecommunication services.

Construction on the upgrade is anticipated to start from mid-2022. We’ll work with directly affected businesses to understand their needs before we confirm a construction approach.


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